Oil Tank Culture Park, [Global Week]
: Call for Artists [~2019/9/25 23:59 GMT+9] 

This project is for:
- 7 days of short term residency + showcase
- collaborate, cultural exchange with local artists
- provides acommodation (8days)

organized by Oil Tank Culture Park, Seoul

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1. What is <Oil Tank Culture Park, Global Week>?

1) <Oil Tank Culture Park, Global Week> is a platform which supports exchanges between local, abroad artists and citizens.

2) Give an opportunity to realize experimental ideas and programs curated by artists. (Performance, Workshop, Exhibitions, and etc> 

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2. What is the progress of this project?

1) Programs propsed by applicants (~9/25)
2) Select 8 artists (End of Sep ~ Early Oct)
3) Adjust and coordinate to realize program between the artists and venue (~11/24)
4) Present your program in <Global Week>(11/25~12/1)

3. What kind of benefits and programs provided during <Global Week> (11/25~12/1) to selected artists?

1) Accommodations (11/24~12/2, shared room, air fare and per diem are not included)
2) Small production budgets(artists fee are not in cluded), Promotion(leaflets, posters, etc.)
3) Networking party and open seminarl with local artists 
4) Free access to every program during <Global Week>
5) Tour program in Oil Tank Culture Park

4. What of proposed programs are expected by applicants?

There is no limitation for the proposed program, but we prefer the following programs. 

1) The program, adresses a history of the venue. (Performance, Seminar, etc.)
2) The program designed for the venue’s unique space. (Performance, Exhibition, etc.)
3) The program with citizen-participatory (Workshop, Performance, etc.) 

This project might be an opportunity to realize your experimental and creative ideas! Join us!