<Incubating 002> - Selected Composers

Frédéric Santiago Perreten (Switzerland/Peru)
Luiz Eduardo Castelões (Brazil)
Natalia Laguens (Spain)
Peter Dickson Lopez (US)
Ian McColm (US)
Sumio Kobayashi (Japan)
Nemanja Radivojevic (Serbia/Switzerland)

and Seokmin Mun (S.Korea)

In November 2018, Arts Incubator launches its second Incubating Project with New York's contemporary music collective ensemble mise-en. The Incubating Project is an experimental platform for diversifying and activating new music, giving an opportunity for various artists to collaborate and develop their works.

We selected 7 composers from an open call and invited local composer. All artists will participate in the ‘Incubating Program’ with ENSEMBLE MISE-EN for four days in Seoul.

오는 11월 Arts Incubator의 두번째 <Incubating 002>에 참여하는 8명의 작곡가가 선정되었습니다. 세계 각국에서 참여하는 8명의 작곡가들은 11월 19일부터 24일에 진행되는 뉴뮤직 아트마켓 atm 2018에서 앙상블 미장과 4일간의 Incubating 프로그램을 진행합니다.

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